Forrest Scharf Honourary Life Member
Posted On: 23-Feb-2014

Forrest Scharf Named Honourary Life Member of SFGA at Association Reception

Honourary Life Membership in the Saskatchewan Fruit Growers Association formally and publicly recognizes persons who, in the course of their membership in the SFGA, made significant contribution to the welfare and improvement of the Saskatchewan fruit industry. There is nobody more deserving of this honour then this years' recipient, Forrest Scharf.

Forrest has been involved with the SFGA for over 15 years and has not only served on the Board, but is also a former SFGA President.  He was has also involved in the industry through his employment at the University of Saskatchewan Fruit Program for a number years.

There was a period when Forrest did leave Saskatchewan and worked at Alberta Agriculture's Crop Diversification Centre South which is located in Brooks, Alberta.  While there, he conducted research on a wide variety of specialty crops including pulses, medicinals, spices and industrial crops.

The Saskatchewan fruit industry was fortunate enough to have Forrest return to the province in 2007 as the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture's Provincial Specialist, Fruit Crops where he remains today.  Forrest has spent countless hours visiting fruit orchards in the province to provide guidance and advise to growers.  He has also led numerous seminars and is an active participant in field days, workshops and conferences held by the Association.

As with all inductees Forrest will be granted a complimentary lifetime membership in the SFGA with all rights and privileges of active membership.

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